”And I will send grass in thy fields for thy cattle,

that thou mayest eat and be full.” – Deuteronomy 11:15

About Rhinestone Cattle Co.

Rhinestone Cattle Co. is based in western New York State. The company

raises 100% grassfed beef cattle, both owned and custom-grazed, on

leased land. RCC also offers farm consulting services, and works to

educate livestock producers through conferences and published articles.

Grassfed beef is available for sale.


RCC cattle are managed as closely as possible to the way bison lived on

the Great Plains. They are high-density rotational (“mob”) grazed on a new

strip of pasture every day, mimicking bison grazing movement. RCC breeds

and manages for hardy cattle that raise themselves, without needing human

intervention or purchased inputs. The cattle are selected to breed, give birth,

raise calves, and stay healthy all year, the way they have for thousands of

years before domestication.


Of course, animal welfare is RCC’s highest priority. Cattle always have access to plenty of grass or hay, mirroring the natural diet of ruminant animals. Vitamin and mineral supplements, clean water and comfortable outdoor living conditions are always available. Animals are never confined indoors or fed grain. They never get feed-grade medications or hormones. Any sick or injured animal is promptly treated, under the oversight of a licensed veterinarian. Antibiotics are sometimes used to treat sick animals, but only in strict accordance with veterinary instructions. No medication is ever given unless it is truly needed.


RCC is proud to raise cattle in cooperation with nature, and employ cattle as a tool to improve the environment in which they graze.


Meg Grzeskiewicz, Owner


I received my Bachelor’s degree in livestock science and management from West Virginia University in 2012. I graduated with a minor in agricultural business, and won a statewide entrepreneurship contest as a senior. My entry was a patentable design for a video-assisted cattle artificial breeding device.


After graduation, I interned for mob-grazing expert Greg Judy in Missouri. Greg taught me everything I know about using cattle to improve land, selecting for the best grass genetics, and managing grazing to eliminate purchased inputs. I also interned on ranches and veterinary clinics in Montana and Texas.


My vision for Rhinestone Cattle Company is to revitalize the northeast’s beef industry by using and teaching the principles of natural, low-input management. Beef production can be very lucrative in this region, but only if we challenge old paradigms and try new methods. I believe that grassfed beef and dairy products are the healthiest to eat and the most sustainable to raise. RCC aims to make 100% grassfed beef available and affordable for consumers, and profitable for those who produce it.



”And I will send grass in thy fields for thy cattle, that thou mayest eat and be full.” – Deuteronomy 11:15

Colden, NY

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