”And I will send grass in thy fields for thy cattle,

that thou mayest eat and be full.” – Deuteronomy 11:15

Custom Grazing: Trust your cattle to a passionate, expert manager

Cattle eating free-choice mineral supplements from a movable feeder

RCC is accepting cattle herds for mob grazing on our leases year-round or summer-only, depending on your preference.


Herds accepted from all states in the Eastern and Midwest US.


All ages and classes considered, must be broke to electric fence. Herd sizes accepted will depend on pasture availability.


Rates negotiable.


Why custom graze?


• Save and stockpile your pastures for dormant seasons, which reduces your winter feed costs.

• Send RCC a class of animals that won’t be producing for a few more months, like early term bred females or

  lightweight steers.

• Send your southern cattle north when it gets hot and your grass goes dormant. Summers in New York are 85 degrees

  on average, not humid, and the grass keeps growing all season. Fescue free!

• Save yourself some labor. Concentrate on other farm goals or take a vacation!

• Grow your operation by contracting out some of your animals to RCC, leaving your land free to raise more.

Land Leases: Bring your land to life with sustainable farming

RCC is always looking for land to lease in Allegany County, NY. As a

landowner, you can benefit greatly from grazing cattle on your property.


   • Mob grazing improves land fertility, keeps brush controlled, and adds aethestic

     value (see “Learn About Mob  Grazing” for more details).


   • Wildlife habitat on hunting properties can be improved, because game are attracted

     to the combination of water sources, timber and lush forage. Wild animals coexist

     well with cattle, and game sightings increase on well-managed farms.


   • Maintaining agricultural zoning status on your property will reduce your tax burden


   • Gain income from your idle property in the form of a lease payment


   • Rest easy if you live far from your land, knowing it’s being taken care of


   • You can be a part of local, natural livestock production!


RCC is interested in properties that are at least 80 acres, contiguous or in parcels one

mile or less apart. There must be potential to develop reliable access to water and

electricity. Property must be easily accessible and zoned for agricultural use.


More information about starting a Land Lease Available Here




”And I will send grass in thy fields for thy cattle, that thou mayest eat and be full.” – Deuteronomy 11:15

Colden, NY

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